Sustainable development

Environment Protection

The Group's Development Strategy is directly related to the HSE management goals. Increasing environmental responsibility is one of the major initiatives included in the Gaznapfatrans Strategy-2028. Priorities for the group in terms of environmental protection include managing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing flaring, managing water resources, managing production waste, reclaiming land, and using less energy.

The "Environmental Policy" was approved in accordance with the Strategy's aims. The management of Gaznapfatrans, as well as its subsidiaries and affiliates, adheres to the policy of zero tolerance for environmental pollution-related losses and damages. The updated Environmental Policy was passed in 2021. The Gaznapfatrans Environmental Policy has been amended in compliance with the demands of the new Environmental Code to ensure the gathering, accumulation, storage, analysis, and transmission of environmental information. The responsibilities of Gaznapfatrans for the sensible use of natural resources and adherence to conservation measures were also enhanced.

The Gaznapfatrans Health and Safety Policy is founded on top management commitment to occupational health and safety and encourages employee participation in the development of a culture of safety. The management of Gaznapfatrans and its affiliates adheres to the policy of "zero tolerance" for accidents and incidents that result in losses or damage, and it commits to abiding by both national and international standards in addition to applicable local laws. The Gaznapfatrans Alcohol, Drugs, and Psychotropics Policy and Safe Driving Policy set the priority of an employee's life and health while prohibiting the use of alcohol, drugs, and psychotropics to prevent traffic accidents, lessen their effects, and minimize property damage. The administration of Gaznapfatrans and its affiliates adheres to the philosophy of "zero tolerance" for the use of alcohol, drugs, and psychoactive substances as

Safety & Loss Prevention

Safety is vital and a requirement of employment for both employees and contractors alike, and it is integrated into every element of the refining activities. The refinery is adamant that accidents and injuries can be avoided and understands the value of safety excellence in fostering ongoing commercial success. In order to prevent losses, Gaznapfatrans uses a comprehensive program that takes into account all HSE, EH, and QAE concerns (HSEQ). In order to establish an Incident and Injury-free (IIF) working culture at Gaznapfatrans, this includes encouraging real concern and care among all employees and fostering interpersonal ties. Additionally, regular interactions with senior management provide employees and contractors a chance to voice concerns about safety. Additionally, Gaznapfatrans promotes a culture of behavior-based safety engagement among its workers and subcontractors. Through peer review and mutual observation, all employees are encouraged to assume responsibility for their own safety and well-being as well as that of their coworkers.

Occupational health and safety

According to the policy on occupational health, safety, and the environment, our major goal is to lessen workplace injuries and accidents in order to protect employees, prevent health problems, lessen the impact of our operations on the environment, and enhance Gaznapfatrans's reputation and image. We keep working to enhance our safety culture, strengthen top management's commitment to issues of health and safety, increase employee rights and capabilities (including giving them the ability to stop work that they believe is being done unsafely), and identify the underlying factors that lead to accidents.

The management of Gaznapfatrans. has steadfastly promoted and advocated the following concepts during the last three years:

  • Priority of the value of life and human health over the results of production activities;
  • Involvement and training of managers at all levels on HSE matters;
  • Personal responsibility of employees for compliance with safety requirements;
  • Creating a positive safety culture to prevent accidents and incidents;
  • Effective communication between all stakeholders;
  • Safe performance of works and correction of unsafe behavior.

  • Our corporate culture of occupational safety and health has undergone favorable improvements, and we have increased reporting transparency by more than 300 percent. The next stage in advancing transparency will be Gaznapfatrans's IOGP membership, which would also permit the sharing of information and knowledge. The LTIR was benefited by incident prevention and accident investigation, which were based on the analysis of root causes, training, and dissemination of information on lessons learned throughout the group of firms. We continue to compare ourselves to other oil and gas firms (International Organization of Oil and Gas Producers, IOGP) in order to pinpoint areas that need to be improved in terms of occupational health and safety and to lower the number of incidents.

    Process Safety

    To fulfill its Health Safety Environment & Quality Policy objective of "No accidents, no harm to people, no damage to the environment, and 100% customer satisfaction," Gaznapfatrans places a strong focus on process safety management. To avoid possible Loss of Containment (LOC) accidents, a strict process safety management system is in place. Gaznapfatrans passionately believes in using lessons from previous mistakes to enhance process safety performance. Comprehensive investigations of internal LOC and near-miss accidents, as well as the lessons learned from incidents at other external refineries, are used to identify and implement improvement opportunities.

    In order to develop our employees' proficiency in matters relating to Process Safety, Gaznapfatrans also holds monthly training sessions. In order to create a safe working environment for all of our refinery employees, process safety performance is carefully monitored and reported, with strong cooperation between Gaznapfatrans and its industry peers as well as regulatory organizations predominating. We are aware of the extent to which our operations have an influence on the atmosphere and the environment, as well as our contribution to local, regional, and global climate change. Due to this, we are concentrating on creating a plan for lowering and managing air emissions and investigating the potential for implementing cutting-edge initiatives and technologies. In terms of atmospheric emissions, we work to comply with national and international environmental regulations.

    Social initiatives

    From the first days of its existence, national company Gaznapfatrans has been seeking not only high production performance, but also efficient work management, high-quality assets structure based on the world advanced practices of oil and gas business, corporate management and human resources development. For a short period of time, the Company managed to achieve significant progress. The Company established effective production links on the basis of the existing resources, introduced efficient planning systems, developed and realized ambitious projects ( both joint and independent) that are significant not only for oil and gas industry, but also for the economy in general. Gaznapfatrans shows sustainable development, augments reserves and constantly increases its share in the Republican oil production.

    The executive management and staff's efforts helped Gaznapfatrans become the top strategic firm in the local oil sector. Additionally, the Company succeeded in carving out a space for itself on the major energy markets in the world, established a solid reputation as a trustworthy partner, and respectfully represents the Republic of Kazakhstan and promotes its interests. Additionally, Gaznapfatrans is a socially responsible business that makes significant contributions to the advancement of society. A number of social programs were created and implemented by Gaznapfatrans with the goals of providing workers with financial incentives, fostering the professional development of young professionals, caring for veterans and the disabled, and supporting other social sectors in regions that are not directly related to the production activity.

    There is no doubt that Gaznapfatrans will continue to strengthen its positions by drawing on the honorable traditions of the country's earliest oil producers and by maintaining its dynamism and commitment to making money for all Kazakhs. The firm views its social responsibility as a voluntary business investment in the social, economic, and ecological growth of society. According to the company's social policy, the contribution is directly tied to the primary business of the company and exceeds the minimum amount required by law.